Recent Projects

Horse Arena

Building a horse arena takes a skill set that you just don’t find on Craigslist. Attention to detail is crucial. Proper sloping along with the right base for good structural integrity is a must. Our client knew where he wanted the arena located and he wanted this project done right. Winters Jr. Excavation built it with the precision and quality that will last. In addition to the horse arena, a barn pad was built with all the utilities that will support this horse arena complex. A parking area with a good drainage design was built as well.

Drive Thru

Our client, Bob, needed access for his car behind his house. With just enough room to nose the car near the rear door, it was difficult to bring in groceries and was even more difficult to back the car out to get turned around. Winters Jr. Excavation was able to give them full access to the rear of their home, making sure the water that came down from the hillside moved away from the home, and gave them a rock wall for bank stabilization and outside décor. A driveway was built with good drainage and grading. Bob had always wanted to do this and Winters Jr. Excavation was happy to do it for him.


This shop contains an RV inside that is hard to get in and out. The outside perimeter needed to be extended toward the down hill side. Simply placing more 3/4 minus rock wasn’t the answer; the rock would only continue to slough down the slope. A structural rock retaining wall was needed to contain the 3/4 minus and give the additional 4 feet needed to bring the RV in and out without the fear of going over the edge.

Log Home

More room was needed and the steep hillside coming down to the home didn’t have a nice look. Possibly looking to sell this home in the near future, our client was looking for a facelift for this beautiful log home. Winters Jr. Excavation had the tools and the know-how to achieve the results needed for the transformation.

Driveway  (2011-09-15 and 2011-09-22-15)

This parking area had grass, weeds and dirt that kept the area dusty. It now has a smooth, nice looking 3/4 minus drive that’s easy to walk on.



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